An Enhanced Parallel Version of Kiva–3V, Coupled with a 1D CFD Code, and Its Use in General Purpose Engine Applications

  • Gino Bella
  • Fabio Bozza
  • Alessandro De Maio
  • Francesco Del Citto
  • Salvatore Filippone
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Numerical simulations of reactive flows are among the most computational demanding applications in the scientific computing world.

KIVA-3V, a widely used computer program for CFD, specifically tailored to engine applications, had been deeply modified in order to improve accuracy and stability, while reducing computational time.

The original methods included in KIVA to solve equations of fluid dynamics had been fully replaced by new solvers, with the aim of both improving performance and writing a fully parallel code. Almost every feature of original KIVA-3V has been partially or entirely rewritten, a full 1D code has been included and a strategy to link directly 3D zones with zero dimensional models has been developed.

The result is a reliable program, noticeably faster than the original KIVA-3V in serial mode and obviously even more in parallel, capable of treating more complex cases and bigger grids, with the desired level of details where required.


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  • Gino Bella
    • 1
  • Fabio Bozza
    • 2
  • Alessandro De Maio
    • 3
  • Francesco Del Citto
    • 1
  • Salvatore Filippone
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  1. 1.DIMUniversity of Rome “Tor Vergata” 
  2. 2.N.U.M.I.D.I.A s.r.l. 
  3. 3.DIMEUniversity of Naples “Federico II” 

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