Mathematical Objects (Module MOBJ)

  • Michael Kohlhase
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A distinguishing feature of mathematics is its ability to represent and manipulate ideas and objects in symbolic form as mathematical formulae. OMDoc uses the OpenMath and Content-MathML formats to represent mathematical formulae and objects. Therefore, the OpenMath standard [BCC+04] and the MathML 2.0 recommendation (second edition) [ABC+03] are part of this specification. We will review OpenMath objects (top-level element om:OMOBJ) in Section 13.1 and Content-MathML (top-level element m:math) in Section 13.2, and specify an OMDoc element for entering mathematical formulae (element legacy) in Section 13.5.

The recapitulation in the next two sections is not normative, please consult Section 2.1 for a general introduction and history and the OpenMath standard and the MathML 2.0 Recommendation for details and clarifications.


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