Medical Simulation with Haptic and Graphic Feedback

  • Sang-Youn Kim
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This paper addresses a real-time haptic and graphic simulation system that allows a user to grasp the internal structure of a volumetric deformable object by touching and feeling. We have earlier proposed a voxel-based representation of an object for real-time haptic and graphic interaction. Although, the model may explain satisfactorily how to compute the feedback force and the haptic behavior using it is quite satisfactory, it is not intuitive. To make a better association and to resolve the confusion, this paper introduces another model using the force-voltage analogy concept. We construct a palpation simulator prototype where a selected target is a volumetric human liver. We conduct experiments and human factor study to evaluate the performance of the proposed model. Through the experiments and human factor studies, we verified that our model generated realistic feedback force and novices can easily access abnormal portions from the normal portions of the human liver.


Palpation Modeling Haptic Virtual Reality 


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  • Sang-Youn Kim
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  1. 1.School of Internet-Media EngineeringKorea University of Technology and EducationChungnamKorea

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