A Comprehensive Categorization of DDoS Attack and DDoS Defense Techniques

  • Usman Tariq
  • ManPyo Hong
  • Kyung-suk Lhee
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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is the greatest security fear for IT managers. With in no time, thousands of vulnerable computers can flood victim website by choking legitimate traffic. Several specific security measurements are deployed to encounter DDoS problem. Instead of specific solution, a comprehensive DDoS cure is needed which can combat against the previously and upcoming DDoS attack vulnerabilities. Development of such solution requires understanding of all those aspects which can help hacker to activate zombies and launch DDoS attack.

In this paper, we comprehensively analyzed the DDoS problem and we proposed a simplified taxonomy to categorize the attack scope and available defense solutions. This taxonomy can help the software developers and security practitioners to understand the common vulnerabilities that encourage the attackers to launch DDoS attack.


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  • Kyung-suk Lhee
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