Geometric Representation of Graphs in Low Dimension

  • L. Sunil Chandran
  • Naveen Sivadasan
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An axis-parallel k–dimensional box is a Cartesian product R 1 ×R 2 ×⋯×R k where R i (for 1 ≤ik) is a closed interval of the form [a i , b i ] on the real line. For a graph G, its boxicitybox(G) is the minimum dimension k, such that G is representable as the intersection graph of (axis–parallel) boxes in k–dimensional space. The concept of boxicity finds applications in various areas such as ecology, operation research etc.

A number of NP-hard problems are either polynomial time solvable or have much better approximation ratio on low boxicity graphs. For example, the max-clique problem is polynomial time solvable on bounded boxicity graphs and the maximum independent set problem has logn approximation ratio for boxicity 2 graphs. In most cases, the first step usually is computing a low dimensional box representation of the given graph. Deciding whether the boxicity of a graph is at most 2 itself is NP-hard.

We give an efficient randomized algorithm to construct a box representation of any graph G on n vertices in 1.5 (Δ+ 2) ln n dimensions, where Δ is the maximum degree of G. We also show that box(G) ≤ (Δ + 2) ln n for any graph G. Our bound is tight up to a factor of ln n. The only previously known general upper bound for boxicity was given by Roberts, namely box(G) ≤ n/2. Our result gives an exponentially better upper bound for bounded degree graphs.

We also show that our randomized algorithm can be derandomized to get a polynomial time deterministic algorithm.

Though our general upper bound is in terms of maximum degree Δ, we show that for almost all graphs on n vertices, its boxicity is upper bound by c Open image in new window (d av + 1) ln n where d av is the average degree and c is a small constant. Also, we show that for any graph G, \(\ensuremath{\mathrm{box}}(G) \le \sqrt{8 n d_{av} \ln n}\), which is tight up to a factor of \(b \sqrt{\ln n}\) for a constant b.


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  • L. Sunil Chandran
    • 1
  • Naveen Sivadasan
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  1. 1.Dept. of Computer Science and AutomationIndian Institute of ScienceBangaloreIndia
  2. 2.Strand Life SciencesBangaloreIndia

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