Modeling Asymmetric Slot Allocation for Mobile Multimedia Services in Microcell TDD Employing FDD Uplink as Macrocell

  • Dong-Hoi Kim
Conference paper
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This paper introduces an analytical approach which is provided to calculate the downlink and uplink capacities of the time division duplex (TDD) system utilizing the underused frequency division duplex (FDD) uplink which shares the same frequency band. Then the ratio of downlink and uplink slots in one frame is adjusted, so as to prevent the radio resource waste due to asymmetric traffic characteristic in mobile multimedia services. The computer simulation shows that the resource waste problem can be considerably solved through the asymmetric slot allocation. Thus, this paper can be useful as a guideline in the course of planning a two-layer hierarchical cell structure (HCS) employing the TDD system as a microcell and FDD system as a macrocell as well as a mean to increase the performance of such a system.


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  • Dong-Hoi Kim
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, College of ITKangwon National University, ChuncheonKangwon-doRepublic of Korea

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