Visual Interaction in Natural Human-Machine Dialogue

  • Joseph Machrouh
  • Franck Panaget
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In this article, we describe a visual component able to detect and track a human face in video streaming. This component is integrated into an embodied conversational agent. Depending on the presence or absence of a user in front of the camera and the orientation of his head, the system begins, continues, resumes or closes the interaction. Several constraints have been taken into account: a simple webcam, a low error rate and a minimum computing time that permits the whole system to run on a simple pc.


Skin Colour Video Streaming Face Detection Face Tracking Conversational Agent 
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  • Joseph Machrouh
    • 1
  • Franck Panaget
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  1. 1.France Telecom R&D, TECH/EASY labsLannionFrance

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