Design and Implementation of B2Bi Collaboration Workflow Tool Based on J2EE

  • Chang-Mog Lee
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In this paper, the business process was easily modeled by distin-guishing between the business process and work logic. Based on this model, B2Bi collaboration Workflow modeling tool, which facilitates collaboration, was designed and implemented. The collaboration workflow modeling tool consists of 3 components; business process modeling tool, execution engine and monitoring tool. First, a business process modeling tool is used to build a process map that reflects the business logic of an application in a quick and accurate manner. Second, an execution engine provides a real-time execution environment for business process instance. Third, a monitoring tool provides a real-time monitoring function for the business process that is in operation at the time. In addition to this, it supports flexibility and expandability based on XML and J2EE for the linkage with the legacy system that was used previously, and suggests a solution for a new corporate strategy and operation.


Business Process Policy Object Business Logic Process Object Execution Engine 
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