The Twilight of the Despotic Digital Civilization

  • Michel Riguidel
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3939)


In 2005, we are witnessing the zenith of digital technology. Computers are not going to disappear, but they will no longer be the main motor of innovation. Computers will without doubt make way for nanotechnologies and bio-computing as the motors of progress for western civilization. In the near future, we are going to see an upheaval and further convergence on the horizon: (a) digital convergence before 2010 – resolving differences between industries, (b) nanotechnology and quantum communications after 2010 – an upheaval of seismic proportions and (c) bio-nano cyberspace in the quantum Age around 2020 – a new Era. Despite all its efforts at modernization Europe risks becoming marginalized, incapable, through lack of cohesion, of even partly counter-balancing America’s overwhelming domination. This article gives few ideas for a post Internet & mobile 3G society and few thoughts about digital security research & education.


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