A Context-Based Storytelling with a Responsive Multimedia System (RMS)

  • Youngho Lee
  • Sejin Oh
  • Woontack Woo
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3805)


In this paper, we present a Context-based Storytelling with Responsive Multimedia System (RMS). Many researches related to virtual storytelling have been presented with the advancement of multimedia technology. However, people have different abilities to understand a story according to their experience, knowledge, age, gender, etc. In the proposed approach, virtual story is unfolded by interaction between users, Multi-modal Tangible User Interface (MTUI) and Virtual Environment Manager (VEManager) with vr-UCAM (a unified Context-aware Application Model for Virtual Environments). We adopt an interactive StoryMap and tangible interfaces into MTUI with vr-UCAM such that VEManager can control the responses of virtual objects according to the user’s context. Accordingly, the users can experience a personalized story since action of virtual objects, interaction level and scene of VE are reorganized and adjusted according to a user’s profile and preference. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, we applied it to a virtual storytelling with RMS. According to the experimental results, we observed that the combination of virtual reality technology and context-aware computing could be promising technologies that enables users to experience a personalized virtual story. Therefore, we expect that the proposed approach plays an important role in virtual storytelling applications such as education, entertainment, games, etc.


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  • Youngho Lee
    • 1
  • Sejin Oh
    • 1
  • Woontack Woo
    • 1
  1. 1.GIST U-VR Lab.GwangjuS.Korea

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