Dublin City University at CLEF 2004: Experiments in Monolingual, Bilingual and Multilingual Retrieval

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The Dublin City University group participated in the monolingual, bilingual and multilingual retrieval tasks. The main focus of our investigation for CLEF 2004 was extending our information retrieval system to document languages other than English, and completing the multilingual task comprising four languages: English, French, Russian and Finnish. Our retrieval system is based on the City University Okapi BM25 system with document preprocessing using the Snowball stemming software and stopword lists. Our French monolingual experiments compare retrieval using French documents and topics, and documents and topics translated into English. Our results indicate that working directly in French is more effective for retrieval than adopting document and topic translation. A breakdown of our multilingual retrieval results by the individual languages shows that similar overall average precision can be achieved when there is significant underlying variation in performance for individual languages.


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