A CCA-compliant Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Kernel

  • Manuel Díaz
  • Daniel Garrido
  • Sergio Romero
  • Bartolomé Rubio
  • Enrique Soler
  • José M. Troya
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3489)


This paper presents a parallel, component-oriented nuclear power plant simulator kernel. It is based on the high-performance computing oriented Common Component Architecture. The approach takes advantage of both the component paradigm and the parallel execution of simulation models. This way, the maintenance, evolution and efficiency of a simulator are improved. The work introduces the main features of the simulator kernel, describing concepts and the model it is based on. Data dependencies among components (simulation models conforming a simulator) are solved in a configuration phase, reducing the execution time of the simulation phase. Some preliminary results are shown, which anticipate the feasibility, suitability and efficiency of the proposal.


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  • Manuel Díaz
    • 1
  • Daniel Garrido
    • 1
  • Sergio Romero
    • 1
  • Bartolomé Rubio
    • 1
  • Enrique Soler
    • 1
  • José M. Troya
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  1. 1.Dpto. Lenguajes y Ciencias de la ComputaciónMálaga UniversityMálagaSpain

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