3 Collision Avoidance for a 7-DOF Redundant Manipulator

  • R.V. Patel
  • F. Shadpey
Part of the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science book series (LNCIS, volume 316)


Collision detection and obstacle avoidance are two features that play an important role in fully or partly autonomous operations of robotic manipulators in cluttered environments. A compact and fast collision-avoidance scheme would be particularly useful for robotic applications in space, underwater, and hazardous environments. Collision avoidance for robot manipulators can be divided into two categories: end-effector level and link level. Much of the work reported to date has dealt with obstacle avoidance as an off-line path planning problem, i.e., find a collision-free path for the end-effector [7], [28], or by mapping the obstacle into joint space, find a collision-free path in joint space [36], [11]. These methods are not applicable to environments with moving objects. Moreover, for non-redundant manipulators, tracking an end-effector trajectory while avoiding collisions with obstacles at the link level, or self-collision avoidance, is often not achievable. Kinematic redundancy has been recognized as a major characteristic for operation of a robot in a cluttered environment [33]. For redundant manipulators, a real-time collision avoidance approach has been developed recently by Seraji and Bon [70] that formulates the problem as a force-control problem so that the task of collision avoidance is solved primarily by augmenting the manipulator control strategy.


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