Process equipment in petroleum refining

  • David S. J. Stan Jones

This chapter deals with the items of equipment normally met with in the petroleum refining industry. Indeed, many of the items that will be described and discussed here are also common to many other process industries. Knowledge of these equipment items are essential for good refinery design, operation, and troubleshooting when necessary. The equipment described here falls into the following categories, and will be presented in the following parts:

  • Part1 Vessels

  • Part 2 Pumps

  • Part 3 Compressors

  • Part 4 Heat Exchangers

  • Part5 Fired Heaters

These sections will include a description of the various types, an in depth discussion, and design features. They will also provide an example of the data sheet usually forwarded to manufacturers for the items required. Invariably in refinery technical libraries these data sheets are included as part of the ‘Mechanical Catalogues’ and supported by narrative specifications which give details of metallurgy and fabrication codes etc. These catalogues are provided by the equipment supplier and are part of all the information dossier on each item. Included also are such items as installation details, start-up procedures, routine maintenance procedures and the like. In most refineries today the catalogues are kept on computer discs or microfilm.


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