Post-Field Data Quality Control

  • Thomas Foken
  • Mathias Göockede
  • Matthias Mauder
  • Larry Mahrt
  • Brian Amiro
  • William Munger
Part of the Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library book series (ATSL, volume 29)


This Chapter summarizes the steps of quality assurance and quality control of flux measurements with the eddy covariance method. An important part is the di erent steps of the control for electronic, meteorological and statistical problems. The fulfillment of the theoretical assumptions of the measuring method and thenon-steady state test and the integral turbulence test are extensively discussed as well as an overall flagging for data quality and a site specific quality analysis using footprint models. Finally, problems are discussed which are not included yet in the control program, mainly connected with the complicated turbulence structure at a forest site.


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  • Mathias Göockede
  • Matthias Mauder
  • Larry Mahrt
  • Brian Amiro
  • William Munger

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