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DP-Periphery and Clausal Periphery: Possessor Doubling in West Flemish

  • Liliane Haegeman
Part of the Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory book series (SNLT, volume 59)


This paper concerns the structure of DP and more particularly the articulation of the DP-periphery and its relevance for possessor extraction. The empirical focus is the possessor doubling construction in WF. In the first part of the paper I have shown that, contrary to appearances, WF does not instantiate possessor extraction. In the second part of the paper, I elaborate an analysis of the DP-periphery, building on Rizzi’s split CP and on my own application of his analysis to Germanic V2 patterns (Haegeman 1996). I propose that the head encoding definiteness in the nominal periphery corresponds to the head encoding finiteness in the clausal periphery. Following Zribi-Hertz (1998), I propose that the possessive pronoun in WF is a ‘possessive definite article’ which spells out a nominal inflectional head and moves to Dfin to check its definite feature. The possessor identifies a non-overt possessor pro in [Spec,IP] (cf. Authier 1992a). The possessor DP occupies [Spec,DfinP]. In the same way that [Spec,FinP] is construed as an A-position when occupied by the subject DP and cannot serve to launch long subject extraction in Germanic V2 languages, [Spec,DfinP] is construed as an A-position when occupied by the possessor and is not a launching site for possessor extraction. In languages that tolerate possessor extraction the prenominal possessor DP reaches the A’-specifier of a higher functional head.


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