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We have analyzed and explained many topics in this book. They differ very much but are all connected with the sea events and the algorithm selected for developing the analysis. The choice among the different algorithms has not been simple; we think that we have solved it in the optimal way, according to our taste and interests. The first principle used for collecting the various chapters has been to bring together all the theoretical and experimental facts concerning the sea time series and the phenomenology of the waves. Thus, the first three chapters have been devoted to an exposition of the main phenomenology ( Chapters 1,  2) of the sea events as well as historical information. The measuring techniques are discussed and displayed in some detail so that the reader can feel the complexity of the process of collecting the data and also the practical and historical motivations which led to the development of such instruments. The waves and tides are distinguished and analyzed in detail. Chapter 3 covers the theoretical model currently used for forecasting sea waves. We discussed briefly the problems of the construction of the WAM which is used in Europe for the prediction of waves. We emphasize the fact that the actual derivation of this model disregards the free boundary nature of the problem. In Chapter 7 we compared the results of NN reconstruction with the output of the astronomical model for a check of the results and with the output of the WAM to check the order of magnitudes of the NN outputs. Chapters 4 and 5 give the main aspects and fundamentals of the theory and practice of NNs.


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