Definition 4.1. Let \( (W_t )_{t \in \mathbb{R}_{\text{ + }} } \) be a Wiener process on the probability space \( \left( {\Omega ,\mathcal{F},P} \right) \) , equipped with the filtration \( \left( {\mathcal{F}_t } \right)t \in \mathbb{R}_ + ,\mathcal{F}_t = \sigma \left( {W_s ,0 \leqslant s \leqslant t} \right) \) . Furthermore, let a(t,x), b(t,x) be measurable functions in [0, T] × ℝ and \( (u(t))t \in \left[ {0,T} \right] \) a stochastic process. Now u(t) is said to be the solution of the stochastic differential equation
$$ du\left( t \right) = a\left( {t,u\left( t \right)} \right)dt + b\left( {t,u\left( t \right)} \right)dW_t $$
with the initial condition u(0) = uO a.s. (u0 a random variable), (4.2) if
  1. 1.

    u(0) is \( \mathcal{F}_0 \) -measurable;

  2. 2.

    \( \left| {a\left( {t,u\left( t \right)} \right)} \right|^{\frac{1} {2}} ,b\left( {t,u\left( t \right)} \right) \in \mathcal{C}_1 \left( {\left[ {0,T} \right]} \right) \)

  3. 3.

    u(t) is differentiable and du(t) = a(t,u(t))dt + b(t,u(t))dWt, thus \( u\left( t \right) = u\left( 0 \right) + \int_0^t {a\left( {s,u\left( s \right)} \right)} ds + \int_0^t b \left( {s,u\left( s \right)} \right)dW_{s,} t \in \left] {0,T} \right] \) .



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