The Breadth of Symplectic and Poisson Geometry

Volume 232 of the series Progress in Mathematics pp 203-235

Momentum maps and measure-valued solutions (peakons, filaments, and sheets) for the EPDiff equation

  • Darryl D. HolmAffiliated withComputer and Computational Science Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory MS D413Mathematics Department, Imperial College
  • , Jerrold E. MarsdenAffiliated withControl and Dynamical Systems 107-81, California Institute of Technology

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This paper is concerned with the dynamics of measure-valued solutions of the EPDiff equations, standing for the Euler-Poincaré equations associated with the diffeomorphism group (ofn or of an n-dimensional manifold M). It focuses on Lagrangians that are quadratic in the velocity fields and their first derivatives, that is, on geodesic motion on the diffeomorphism group with respect to a right invariant Sobolev H 1 metric. The corresponding Euler-Poincaré (EP) equations are the EPDiff equations, which coincide with the averaged template matching equations (ATME) from computer vision and agree with the Camassa-Holm (CH) equations for shallow water waves in one dimension. The corresponding equations for the volume-preserving diffeomorphism group are the LAE (Lagrangian averaged Euler) equations for incompressible fluids.