SDNS Architecture and End-to-end Encryption

  • Ruth Nelson
  • John Heimann
Conference paper
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The Secure Data Network System (SDNS) is intended to provide secure data communications to a variety of DoD and commercial users. SDNS services include key management and system management as well as data encryption, authentication and access control. The program is a U. S. Government/Industry effort, with participation by the National Security Agency, National Institute for Standards and Technology, other government agencies and about a dozen government contractors. During the concept definition and prototyping phases, a joint working group defined the set of security services to be provided and developed protocols for key management and for secure communications [1]. The protocols and architecture are compatible with the International Standards Organization (ISO) Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), and the end-to-end encryption (E3) protocols are being proposed as U.S. and international standards. The E3 protocols are publicly released and appropriate for the OSI environment.


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  • John Heimann
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  1. 1.Electronic Defense Communications DivisionGTE Government Systems CorporationWaltham

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