Shape Optimization of Contact Problems with Slip Rate Dependent Friction

  • A. Myśliński
Conference paper
Part of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 202)


This paper deals with the formulation of a necessary optimality condition for a shape optimization problem of a viscoelastic body in unilateral dynamic contact with a rigid foundation. The contact with Coulomb friction is assumed to occur at a portion of the boundary of the body. The contact condition is described in velocities. The friction coefficient is assumed to be bounded and Lipschitz continuous with respect to a slip velocity. The evolution of the displacement of the viscoelastic body in unilateral contact is governed by a hemivariational inequality of the second order. The shape optimization problem for a viscoelastic body in contact consists in finding, in a contact region, such shape of the boundary of the domain occupied by the body that the normal contact stress is minimized. It is assumed, that the volume of the body is constant. Using material derivative method, we calculate the directional derivative of the cost functional and we formulate a necessary optimality condition for this problem.


dynamic unilateral problem shape optimization necessary optimality condition 


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  • A. Myśliński
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  1. 1.System Research InstituteWarsawPoland

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