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5. Summary

In this chapter we have responded to the Question III.3: How to implement semantic management? We have reused the open source application server JBoss and have leveraged the wealth of tools provided by the Karlsruhe Ontology and Semantic Web tool suite, KAON [Maedche et al., 2003]. KAON’s inference engine, ontology store and ontology editor have been applied to semantically enhance JBoss. The result of this fruitful combination is called KAON SERVER, whose usefulness for building Semantic Web applications has been demonstrated by an example. The example has shown that without the KAON SERVER, application development for the Semantic Web leads to a one-off effort of combining software modules without the possibility for much reuse and extensibility. An assessment of the benefits of semantic management, as well as details regarding the application of the management ontology, follow in Chapter 10.


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