Design of an Ontology-Based Application Server

Part of the Semantic Web and Beyond: Computing for Human Experience book series (ADSW, volume 1)

4. Summary

In this chapter we have answered the Question III.1: What is a suitable target platform? We have opted for an application server, but have come to the conclusion that other platforms would benefit from semantic technology as well. The next question we have answered in this chapter is III.2: Who provides semantic descriptions? We have seen that there are many potential sources that allow the (semi) automatic obtaining of semantic descriptions. Therefore, the number of manually provided descriptions can be kept small. We have then moved on to design an ontology-based application server that supports the semantic management of components and services. The resulting architecture is rather generic but provides a number of components to support application development in the Semantic Web (as introduced in our scenario in Chapter 4, Section 1.1). The following chapter presents a possible implementation of this design.


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