Analysis of Existing Ontologies

Part of the Semantic Web and Beyond: Computing for Human Experience book series (ADSW, volume 1)

4. Summary

In this chapter we have analyzed whether existing ontologies are suitable for our purposes, thus answering the Question II.1: Can an existing ontology be reused for our purposes? We have inspected one of the earliest and most prominent Web service ontologies, viz., OWL-S, as well as our own initial ontology of software components. We conclude that both are a big step forward with design principles suitable also for our purposes. Their reuse is possible in principle. However, both ontologies exhibit shortcomings that stand in conflict with our goals of having a high-quality, reference and heavyweight ontology. Their problems are very common also in more recent efforts (some of them are discussed in the related work chapter). We further conclude that most of the problems could have been avoided if a foundational ontology had been used as a modelling basis. Thus, the remainder of this part designs a new management ontology on the basis of a foundational ontology.


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