Towards Semantic Management

Part of the Semantic Web and Beyond: Computing for Human Experience book series (ADSW, volume 1)

3. Summary

In this chapter we have proposed the semantic management of software components and Web services that trades off between modelling and management efforts (Main Question I: How to find a good trade-off between modelling and management efforts?). The trade-off point has been approached by identifying a set of use cases. Each of them responded to the Questions I.1 who uses the semantic descriptions?, I.2 what are they used for?, and I.3 when do they occur? The use cases propose the facilitation of some typical management tasks by a justifiable modelling efforts. The modelling requirements of the use cases also give us clear indications of what concepts a suitable management ontology must contain (Question I.4: Which aspects should be formalized by our ontology?). The organization of these concepts in an appropriate management ontology is the subject of Part II.


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