Applying the Management Ontology

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5. Summary

In this chapter we have answered the Question III.4: How to reuse the ontology? by taking the following steps: (i) we have specialized the core concepts and associations of the management ontology to reflect the idiosyncracies of the KAON SERVER. (ii) We have removed concepts and associations that were introduced merely for reference purposes and (iii) we have adapted the axiomatization to the KAON language. The resulting domain, application and lightweight version of the management ontology is actually applied in the KAON SERVER and can be obtained from

Finally, we have assessed the benefits of semantic management thus answering the Cardinal Question from the Introduction: Can ontologies be used to facilitate the development and management of middleware-based applications for developers and administrators? We have taken a qualitative approach for assessment by revisiting the use cases introduced in Chapter 4, Section 2 and comparing management and modelling efforts with and without semantic management. The assessment demonstrated that the rather modest modelling efforts are clearly outplayed by the savings in management efforts.


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