Just in Time Support for Educational Leadership

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  • Niki Davis
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Part of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 161)


In the World Summit on the Information Society we recognise four worlds: the technologically advanced first world; countries in transition; third world countries with the biggest challenges; a fourth world within all those regions and nations: the poor side of the digital divide. A comprehensive synthesis of research into Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education produced to inform the World Summit on the Information Society provides a cautious appraisal of the value of ICT for education (Davis & Carlsen, this volume). This synthesis of research into ICT in education also questions the transfer of research from the first world into more challenging circumstances. The question is: “How can capacity be created for mentoring on ICT in education?” This project aims to create the infrastructure to facilitate networking between graduate students and leaders of their home regions. Through such ICT-enabled networks students studying abroad who gains skill and knowledge with ICT in education could provide the “just in time” ICT mentoring that a leader in their home region needs.

Key words

capacity building educational leaders graduate students mentoring networking research transfer 


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  1. 1.Iowa State University Center of Technology in Learning and TeachingIowa State UniversityAmesUSA
  2. 2.Information and Communication Technology, School of Maths, Science and Technology, Institute of EducationUniversity of LondonLondonUK

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