• Donald A. Drew
  • Stephen L. Passman
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 135)


In this book, we give a rational treatment of multicomponent materials as interacting continua. We offer two derivations of the equations of motion for the interacting continua; one which uses the concepts of continua for the components, and one which applies an averaging operation to the continuum equations for each component. Arguments are given for constitutive equations appropriate for dispersed multicomponent flow. The forms of the constitutive equations are derived from the principles of continuum mechanics applied to the components and their interactions. The solutions of problems of hydromechanics of ordinary continua are used as motivation for the forms of certain constitutive equations in multicomponent materials. The balance of the book is devoted to the study of problems of hydrodynamics of multicomponent flows.


Constitutive Equation Ensemble Average Stoke Flow Entropy Inequality Multicomponent Mixture 
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