Circuit Simulation

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A good introductory book on SPICE in the context of analog circuit design was written by Vladimirescu [vladimirescu94]. An interesting book that discusses both design and simulation issues for highfrequency circuits is available from Maas [maas88]. More information on the mechanics and numerics of circuit simulation from a simulator developer’s perspective is found in the books by Sangiovanni- Vincentelli [sangiovanni81], McCalla [mccalla87], or Vlach and Singhal [vlach83]. Information on more esoteric simulation algorithms is found in the books by White and Kundert [white86, kundert90]. For information about the details of the more common semiconductor models available in SPICE and associated background material, there is the excellent book currently being written by Jeng [jeng] or the book edited by Antognetti and Massobrio [antognetti93]. Finally, information on macromodeling in SPICE is given in the book by Connelly and Choi [connelly92].


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