Output and Delay Process Analysis of Slotted CSMA/CD Multichannel Local Area Networks



In this chapter, we have given a detailed study of the finite population with slotted non-persistent CSMA/CD multichannels. We exactly derived the m.g.f.s of the packet interdeparture times, number of packet departures and packet delay. In numerical examples, we examined the effect of channel number on the averages and coefficients of variation of the packet interdeparture time Tc of type [c], the packet interdeparture time T, the number of successful departures and the packet delay.

From numerical examples, we see that multichannel broadband radio networks have advantages over single channel broadband radio networks, such as higher channel utilization by distributing traffic load on multiple channels in addition to higher reliability and stability. These results are useful for analyzing multi-hop multichannel networks, interconnected networks or integrated voice and data networks employing CSMA/CD.


Packet Delay Collision Detection Channel Utilization State Probability Distribution Average Packet Delay 
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