Efficient Access for Tomorrow’s Mobile Communication


The plan for the future of mobile communications is to merge previously separate systems for voice and data transmission (cellular mobile radio, cordless telephones, and paging systems) into a universal mobile communication system (UMTS) with an extended range of services for voice and data, variable bit rates, and compact mobile terminals. The development of this third generation mobile radio system focuses on spectrum-efficient radio access technology. In Europe investigation and development in this field is supported by the Commission of the European Union, currently within the ACTS program, previously within the RACE program. Thus the RACE project ATDMA investigated the potential of advanced TDMA systems with respect to the goals of UMTS. Propagation measurements, channel modelling and techniques studies were performed, a real-time and simulated testbed were built to prove feasibility and efficiency of this approach.

This contribution gives an overview about the project’s content and its mainresults.

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UMTS third generation wireless systems RACE TDMA 


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