NMR • 3D Analysis • Photopolymerization pp 169-273

Part of the Apvances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 170)

Two-Photon Photopolymerization and 3D Lithographic Microfabrication



This chapter attempts to give an overview of the historical development and current progress of femtosecond laser micro-nanofabrication based on multiphoton absorption, and particular emphasis is placed on two-photon photopolymerization. Femtosecond laser interaction with matter differs essentially from those with longer pulses or CW lasers in its significant nonlinearity, ultrafast characteristics and the possibility of highly localization of reaction volume. These features enable three-dimensional (3D) micro-nanofabrication in solid and liquid media. In two-photon photopolymerization, when a near-infrared femtosecond laser is tightly focused into a photopolymerizable resin, 3D polymer micro-nanostructures are produced by pinpoint photopolymerization of liquid precursory resins. Using this direct laser writing scheme, various photonic, micro-optical components and micromechanical devices have been readily produced. The two-photon photopolymerization technology is expected to play a similar role to that played by lithography for planar semiconductor device processing, but for micro-nanofabrication of 3D polymer-based optoelectronic devices as well for microelectromechanical systems.


3D lithography Two-photon photopolymerization Femtosecond laser Micro-nanodevice Micro-nanofabrication 

Abbreviations and Symbols






Atomic force microscope




Body-centered cubic


Bovin serum albumin


Computer-aided manufacturing


Computer-aided design


Charge coupled device


Continuous wave


Distributed Bragg reflection


Distributed feedback


Dimethyl formamide


Face-centered cubic


Full width at half maximum


Hexagonal close packing




Laser diode


Light emitting diode


Microcontact printing


Microelectromechanical system


Methyl methacrylate


Molecular weight


Mumerical aperture




Near-field scanning optical microscope


Photoacid generator


Photonic bandgap


Poly(dimethyl siloxane)


Photonic crystal


Poly(methyl methacrylate)


Point spread function


Poly(vinyl carbazole)


Lead zirconate titanate




Rose Bengal




Simple cubic




Scanning electron microscope


Square of light intensity


Spatial light modulator


Scanning tunneling microscope


Transverse electric


Tetrahydropyranyl methacrylate


Transverse magnetic


Two-photon absorption


Two-photon excitation




Volume element


Extreme UV


Refractive index


Two-photon absorption cross-section


Electrical permittivity


Glass transition temperature


Electric field strength; Young’s modulus


Light intensity




Lightwave frequency


Coherence length


Quality factor


Beam waist of Gaussian beam


Rayleigh depth


Quantum efficiency of proton generation


Shear modulus


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