Sulfur-Rich Oxides SnO and SnO2 (n>1)

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Sulfur is the element with the largest number of binary oxides. In this chapter the lower sulfur oxides are reviewed most of which contain more sulfur than oxygen atoms per molecule and all have at least one sulfur-sulfur bond. They may exist as gaseous compounds consisting of small molecules (S2O, S2O2), as crystalline materials (S6O, S7O, S7O2, S8O, S9O, S10O), or as polymeric non-stoichiometric materials (polysulfuroxides). In each case the oxygen atoms are present as part of a sulfoxide group. In some cases adducts with Lewis acids have been prepared, e.g., S8OSbCl5, (S8O)2SnCl4, and S12O2(SbCl5)2. The preparation, thermal stabilities, molecular structures, spectra, and reactions are described.


Lower sulfur oxides Homocyclic sulfur oxides Preparation Spectra Reactions Structures Bonding 


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