Airplanes and Infectious Disease

  • Harriet A. BurgeEmail author
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Air travel is associated with crowded conditions that can facilitate the transmission of airborne infectious diseases. The risk of contracting such diseases depends on the presence of an infected person who is shedding infectious particles and sufficient exposure of a sensitive person to achieve an adequate dose to cause disease. Proximity to the infectious person and the length of time spent near the person are the most important risks for contracting a disease. Ventilation patterns play a lesser role in disease transmission. Well-documented outbreaks of influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and tuberculosis have occurred. Other common respiratory illnesses have probably also been spread via aircraft, but outbreaks remain unrecognized. Research on the spread of infectious disease in aircraft has focused on sampling for microorganisms in air (which has little relevance), and on the development of models to predict the risks for specific diseases.

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Severe acute respiratory syndrome


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