The Principles of Astronomical Telescope Design

Volume 360 of the series Astrophysics and Space Science Library pp 141-222


Telescope Structures and Control System

  • Jingquan ChengAffiliated withNational Radio Astronomy Observatory

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This chapter provides a comprehensive discussion on telescope structural design and analysis. Different telescope mounting designs are discussed in this chapter. Emphasis is placed on the altitude-azimuth mounting system. Formulas for star coordinator transformation and the zenith blend spot determination are provided. Formulas of a Steward platform are also introduced. Detailed information on telescope tube structure, secondary mirror vane structure, bearings, encoders, drive system, and control system design are also discussed. In the encoder part, a number of methods for increasing the encoder resolution are provided. The telescope pointing, tracking, star guiding, and the pointing correction formulas are discussed. In the final part of this chapter, static and dynamic structural analysis, wind and earthquake influence on structure, structure vibration control, and foundation design are all introduced. These contents are also useful for radio or other wavelength telescopes.