kThe Mechanochemical Solid-State Reaction of Fullerenes

  • Koichi KomatsuEmail author
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 254)


More than a decade has passed since fullerenes became available to researchers in almost all fields of science. The explosive development of study on the chemical functionalization of fullerenes has led to a wide variety of fullerene derivatives. However, most of these reactions have been carried out in the liquid phase, and curiously enough the solid-state reaction (or solid-solid reaction) of fullerenes has been developed only in recent years. This chapter focuses on the solid–state reaction of fullerenes, particularly the reaction which was conducted under what is called “high-speed vibration milling” conditions. It will be shown how this reaction technique is pertinent for the creation of fullerene derivatives with novel structures, and how efficient this method is for certain reactions compared with the liquid-phase reaction.

Fullerenes Mechanochemistry Dimerization Cycloaddition Nucleophilic addition 


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