Bioprocess and Algae Reactor Technology, Apoptosis

Volume 59 of the series Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology pp 225-249


Apoptosis and cell culture technology

  • Mohamed Al-RubeaiAffiliated withCentre for Biochemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham

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The importance of apoptosis in cell culture has now been widely recognised. Recent work has shown that this process is widely manifested during the in vitro cultivation of commercially important mammalian cell lines.

In this review I summarise what is now known of the characteristics, significance and regulatory mechanisms of apoptosis. As the process of cell proliferation and cell death are now considered intimately related, particular attention is paid to highlight the progress and opportunities in the field of cell culture engineering. The strategies that have been undertaken to prevent the induction of apoptosis in cell culture and those which have been suggested as possibilities to improve culture productivity through the apoptosis route are discussed with given examples.