A survey of the reconstruction conjecture

  • Frank Harary
Part I: Invited Papers
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 406)


We begin by tracing the history of the Reconstruction Conjecture (RC) for graphs. After describing the RC as the problem of reconstructing a graph G from a given deck of cards, each containing just one point-deleted subgraph of G, we proceed to derive information about G which is deducible from this deck.

Various theorems proving the RC for trees are then taken up. The status of the RC for digraphs is reported. Several variations of the RC are stated and partial results obtained to date are indicated. We conclude with a summary of structures other than trees which have been reconstructed, and some remarks on the reconstruction of countably infinite graphs.


Combinatorial Theory Reconstruction Problem Outerplanar Graph Unicyclic Graph Chromatic Polynomial 
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