Database issues for data visualization: System integration issues

  • Manish Arya
  • Nancy Grady
  • Georges Grinstein
  • Peter Kochevar
  • Deborah Swanberg
  • Venu Vasudevan
  • Len Wanger
  • Andreas Wierse
  • Mark Woyna
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The systems integration questions really extend beyond database and visualization aspects to include external data processing services such as numerical compute engines, statistical packages, neural networks, and the like. In constructing a system, several different design dimensions must be considered, such as ease of use, performance, size of data, coupling of systems, extensibility, heterogeneity, migration paths, distribution, etc., as outlined previously. In addition, in designing systems such as dataflow or object oriented modeled systems, it may be possible to connect two different procedures, or operations over data, but it may not be meaningful to do so.

Efforts aimed at improving the integration of visualization and database systems are currently underway (e.g. Sequoia 2000, Aurora from Xidak, and PAGEIN), differing in scope and design goals. We hope that heightened awareness of the needs of users with data management and visualization problems will further increase interaction between developers of database and visualization systems in the near future, to address the numerous challenges that lie ahead.


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