Molecular design of temperature-responsive polymers as intelligent materials

  • Teruo Okano
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 110)


In recent years, temporal control of drug delivery has been of interest in basic and applied fields as a new approach to achieve improved drug therapies. This new drug delivery may be achieved by utilization of “intelligent” polymeric materials having the functions of sensing, processing and acting. Stimuli-responsive polymers have been investigated as potential molecular devices to achieve intelligent drug delivery systems such as self-regulating and externally nodulated drug delivery systems.

In this chapter, temperature responsive swelling-shrinking changes in hydrogels were reviewed from the view point of polymer-water interaction and polymer-polymer interaction. In particular, characteristics of interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN) constructed of two distinct polymers which lead to novel temperature-responsive swelling changes were discussed.


Interpenetrate Polymer Network Interpolymer Complex Alkyl Methacrylate Complex Coacervation Phenylboric Acid 
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List of Abbreviations


poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide)


alkyl methacrylate


poly(ethylene oxide)




poly(methacrylic acid)




poly(acrylic acid)


Interpenetrating polymer networks of poly(AAm-co-BMA) (BMA X wt%) and PAAc (AAm:AAc=1:1)




m-aminophenyl-boric acid


poly(vinyl alcohol)


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