Measurement and integration of 3-D structures by tracking edge lines

  • James L. Crowley
  • Patrick Stelmaszyk
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This paper describes a technique for building a geometric description of a scene from the motion of a camera mounted on a robot arm. The movements of edge-lines in a sequence of image are tracked to maintain an image plane "flow model". Tracking perserves the correspondance of segments, even when the camera displaces, makeing possible a inexpensive form of motion stereo. Three dimensional structure is computed using the matches provided by the segment tracking process and the displacement parameters provided by the robot controller. By fusion of 3D data from different view points, we obtain an accurate and complete representation of the scene.

Results from a sequence of 80 images taken from a camera mounted on a robot arm are presented to illustrate the technique. These results are used for an experimental evaluation ito illustrate the accuracy and the robustness of the technique.


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