Introduction to the RM Software for Filter Design

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A brief description of the RM software for filter design will be given. We will start with the intentions we had at the beginning of its development and then describe how it is conceived to work. In fact it is integrated software where the (user friendly) interactive shell is created as a set of .html files while the programs for transfer function and system synthesis are written in C. All programs output a .csv file enabling the use of the MS Excel’s capabilities to create drawings. In addition, where appropriate, SPICE net-list is created serving for both verification of the system synthesis and further design activities such as PCB or IC design. An .html file is always created containing the design report. Where appropriate it contains the circuit’s schematic. The RM software is creating polynomial and rational transfer functions obeying requirements in the frequency domain regarding amplitude, group delay or both. Low-pas, band-pass, high-pass, all-pass and band-stop functions may be synthesized. As for physical synthesis one may get doubly terminated passive LC; active RC; active SC; active GM-C, and digital recursive (IIR) filters. A special feature of the RM software is the availability of parallel circuit solutions.


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