The Power of the Micro-tide

  • Su Minn Jeilene HoEmail author
  • Rei Ying Nadine Wang
Conference paper


Self-sustaining water induced energy generation is achieved when vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are used as an active medium for water-induced separation of ions. The concept of using a stern double layer to induce voltage is optimised by varying the pattern on the CNTs array and varying the solution used. Using a focused laser beam setup, engineered patterning of microarray of CNTs with high precision is achieved. Further enhancement to such effect is achieved in the presence of Na+ and Cl ions in water. In a place that is both humid and surrounded by the ocean, our findings opens the doorway to an alternative source of sustainable energy.


Water Carbon Nanotubes CNT Power Electrical energy Streaming potential Zeta potential Sustainable energy 


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