Realization of Efficient Architectures for Digital Filters: A Survey

  • Prashant KumarEmail author
  • Prabhat Chandra Shrivastava
  • Manish Tiwari
  • Amit Dhawan
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Digital filters are considered as one of the most important parts of signal processing. Due to lots of advancements in VLSI designs, the dedicated hardware design for the 2-D digital filters snatched the attention of researchers. This paper briefly discusses the challenges of 2-D digital filter’s architecture designs and presents the review on suggested methodologies and efficient architectures for 2-D digital filters. A discussion on architectures for separable 2-D digital filters is also presented. In many applications, the frequency response of digital filters poses certain symmetries and due to that, the dedicated architectures require a lesser number of multipliers. So, the suggested architectures for these filters are discussed in this paper. Furthermore, a short review of architectures for 2-D block processing is also given. Moreover, this paper also presents the comparative analysis of hardware and time complexities of all suggested architectures..


2-D digital filter Systolic architecture Symmetries in digital filters Block filtering 


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