Dual-Band Modified U-Shaped Slot Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for S-Band Applications

  • Anuradha GuptaEmail author
  • Som Pal Gangwar
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In this article, design and investigation of a modified U-shaped slot antenna for dual-band applications is reported through simulation analysis and measured results. The proposed structure is designed using a single substrate. On one side of the substrate, first a rectangular patch is printed and then modified U-shaped slot is etched. On the other side of the substrate, a defected ground structure is created to enhance the gain. The antenna is simulated using HFSS software. To verify the simulated results, a prototype of the structure is fabricated using FR4 substrate. The proposed antenna exhibits dual-band characteristics. It has two resonant frequencies at 2.59 GHz and 3.76 GHz with return loss of 27.4 dB and 16.9 dB respectively. The difference in simulated and measured results are negligible. The proposed antenna can be used for dual-band applications in S-band (2–4 GHz).


Microstrip line feed Modified U-shaped slot Dual-band Single substrate S-band 


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