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Cellular Signal-Regulated Schwann Cell Myelination and Remyelination

  • Tomohiro Torii
  • Yuki Miyamoto
  • Junji YamauchiEmail author
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1190)


Increasing studies have demonstrated multiple signaling molecules responsible for oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells development such as migration, differentiation, myelination, and axo-glial interaction. However, complicated roles in these events are still poorly understood. This chapter focuses on well established intracellular signaling transduction and recent topics that control myelination and are elucidated from accumulating evidences. The underlying molecular mechanisms, which involved in membrane trafficking through small GTPase Arf6 and its activator cytohesins, demonstrate the crosstalk between well established intracellular signaling transduction and a new finding signaling pathway in glial cells links to physiological phenotype and essential role in peripheral nerve system (PNS). Since Arf family proteins affect the expression levels of myelin protein zero (MPZ) and Krox20, which is a transcription factor regulatory factor in early developmental stages of Schwann cells, Arf proteins likely to be key regulator for Schwann cells development. Herein, we discuss how intracellular signaling transductions in Schwann cells associate with myelination in CNS and PNS.


Schwann cell Myelination Cytohein Arf 


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