ARM Controller Based Smart Loom for Generating Basic Weaves

  • R. KumaraveluEmail author
  • S. Poornima
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A Smart Loom is a Computing Intelligence based embedded Loom. The benefits of the Smart Loom include the generation of complicated woven fabric without any intricacies in a less span of time. In the present handloom industry, the incorporation of basic weaves on the sample production is very tedious job, since there is no technological intervention in the present scenario. The Basic weaves determines the structure of the fabric. In the proposed system the weaving shedding mechanism is implemented through miniature stepper motors which are operating at low voltage levels. The required basic weaves are stored in the form of Raw Binary Form using Multimedia Memory Card using FAT (File Allocation System) file system. The shedding operation is activated by the stepper motor mechanism using ELJAC principle and it doesn’t require any punched cards for the basic weaves generation. The Client/Server mechanism is used for the woven data transfer and weaving operation. In this Development, the Embedded System (ARM Processor LPC2148) Architecture with 32 Stepper motors has been incorporated.


Jacquard Memory card RS485 Basic weaves 



Authors are thankful to the TDT Division of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, for funding the project under S & T scheme (File No: DST/TDD/2K10/91, Dated: 19.05.2011).


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  2. 2.Product Development DivisionVivekha Charitable TrustKanchipuramIndia

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