Development of Indigenous Direct Drive Rotary Guide Bush Device and Establishment of Three-Spindle Synchronization for Sliding Headstock Automat

  • S. DeepakEmail author
  • Nagesh Nadig
  • S. R. Chandramouli
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CNC sliding headstock automat (SHA) has two spindles that work simultaneously along with turning tools and rotary tools to manufacture complex components with higher productivity. The concept of Swiss-style machining is adopted, wherein the job is fed as bars and held in a collet system and cutting happens close to guide bush support. This facilitates slender parts machining with ease. In the present context, guide bush device is developed with an exclusive built-in motor design, compact enough to optimize the end piece. At times, jobs that are machined in the main spindle with the support of guide bush need to be further carried by the sub-spindle. In such a situation, three-spindle synchronization is a challenge. An effort is put to understand the limitations of mechanical and electrical sub-systems to bring out a methodology for three-spindle synchronization.


Guide bush Sliding head automat Spindle synchronization 


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