New Ideas for Regional Development Under the New Normal of Economic Development

  • Xiaowu SongEmail author
  • Shiguo Wu
  • Xin Xu
Part of the The Great Transformation of China book series (TGTC)


Since our economic development has entered the new normal, and regional development is faced with a new situation, it is necessary for us to clarify new goals, new connotations and new ideas. On the basis of past experiences, with the equalization of basic public services among regions as our main aim, it is proposed that we should focus on narrowing the gap in basic public services and living standards among different regions, guide all regions to give full play to comparative advantages so as to make economic development coordinated with population and ecology. It’s suggested that one important task for promoting coordinated regional development is to build a unified national market, reasonably define the relationship of administrative powers and fiscal powers between the central and local governments, and reform the relevant fiscal and taxation policies, so as to improve the long-term mechanism for promoting coordinated regional development.

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