Study of Heat Treatment Effect on Microstructure of PTA Weld Deposited Surface of SS 316L Steel

  • H. V. NaikEmail author
  • D. D. Deshmukh
  • V. D. Kalyankar
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering book series (LNMUINEN)


Plasma transferred arc (PTA) welding process is established method for surface modification by weld deposition of alloying elements. In this article, experimental investigation is performed with chosen parameters on ASTM 316 L steel as substrate with Stellite 6 as coating material by PTA process. Microstructural analysis was performed with scanning electron microscope (SEM). From the SEM micrographs, it is revealed that as-deposited coating region comprises uneven grain structures which are uniformly distributed in the eutectic matrix. Further, for studying the effect of heat treatment process on coating and substrate material, solution heat treatment followed by age hardening was adopted. After heat treatment, poor grouping amongst the Co-based solid solution and eutectic were observed for coarser arrangement which made ease for eutectic region to shed from the coatings. Microhardness of as-deposited surface was observed at 439 HV. After the two-stage heat treatment process, 7% upsurge in hardness was observed for the heat-treated coating for selected range of temperature and time. Similar kinds of results were observed in substrate regions, where 14% increase in hardness was recorded during testing of heat-treated sample. However, in interface regions, the hardness value decreased around 11%.


Plasma transferred arc (PTA) Stellite 6 Heat treatment SEM Microstructure 


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